this morning

June 2009, originally uploaded by pilgrimgirl.

Went to the garden this morning, as is my usual routine, to greet the day. I said hello to the rosebushes, encouraged the fledgling cucumber plant, and gathered a large bunch of hibiscus blossoms for my table.

The bees were out in full force and a lizard came out of hiding briefly. A bird preened itself in the rosemary bush and a junebug startled me just a bit as it clacked and hummed through the canes of the climbing rose. I nibbled on two ripe strawberries (so sweet!) and picked some fennel and chewed the stem (such flavor!).

On my way to and from the garden I passed dozens of homes. Small apartment homes, full of life in the early morning. I heard the music, the vacuuming, the kitchen noises. I don't know why, but living this way--so close to so many people--it enlivens me. I like the bustling community. I like smelling several different meals cooking, I feel comfort in hearing the cries of children as well as the hum of the lawnmower.

While in my garden I picked a zucchini and some green onions and some marjoram. I'll eat them for lunch in an omelet.

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