Jana's Outrigger Canoe., originally uploaded by mind on fire.

Sitting in seat 4 in this picture as we're bringing the boat into shore, just an hour or so after the first time I steered the boat on the open ocean. The swells were gentle and it was far easier than I thought it would be (a bit of irony in the picture: see my crutches lying in the blue boat cover to the left of the pic?)

It's actually a bit tough sometimes to paddle one-legged, simply because I can't push with my right leg to get the trunk twist when I paddle on the left. But I'm holding my own and there's something pretty exciting about doing a sport where what's above the waist means more than what's below.

Pic by John, my own personal paparazzi


Vajra said...

Wishing I could capture your joy at this new effort. Nothing about exercise is floating my boat right now. Maybe I need a detox.

jana said...

vajra: I think I'm only enjoying it so much because this is the sport I've wanted to do for so many years, but never thought I would really get a chance to do (who knew a paddling team was so close at hand?).

Can you think of an activity like that that you could take on? (and hey, come to SoCal and join me sometime!)

Vajra said...

Jana, I would love to meet you ftf. I could use a visit with you. Perhaps it would get me out of the extremely prickly place I am right now.