if this is you...

If today you spent the morning on the phone on hold, trying to get through to your insurance company, working on loopholes that might allow you to bill for the "non-allowable" repair of your microprocessor knee, then you spent 3 hours talking feminist theory and history with your colleagues, and afterwards you picked up the kids and then dropped them off at a lecture with John, then you headed to the Science Library to read French medical texts and a too-long book about Buffalo Bill, well if this is you and you find yourself ravenous at 5:30 pm because you realize that the nutella and jam sandwich that you ate at lunch was just too long ago, you should drop by the Veggie Cafe for a quick appetizer before you go grocery shopping at Trader Joes. And when you are at TJs, don't forget to get a bar of super-dark chocolate because that's what you'll be craving later tonight.

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